Emergency Communication Equipment

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Rapid Deployment Trailer


Over the past 18 years Rad-Comm Radio has been successfully implementing a number of custom designed communications systems for our end users. The new custom trailer with tower is one of are rapid deployment systems in case of disaster or providing communications in remote location. This trailer can be designed for VHF/UHF or P25 repeaters or a number of different systems. We use a varity of different vendors for the design of our systems to ensure overall compatibility. Rad-Comm Radio will work very close with your communications people to ensure that you are receiving the very best communication in case of a disaster. For more information on this type of system please call 1-800-588-2426 or e-mail us at radcommsystem@gmail.com

Side view
Back view
135 watt Solar
Enclouser with 2000 btu A/C
Tower ready for operation
Front view
Outriggers extended
5 kw generator with 36 gal tank
Tower control pannel
Trailer ready to go