Emergency Communication Equipment

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30 Amp Switching Power Supply
30 amps continuous
Adjustable voltage: 5-15V
Dual meters
Built-in fan
Light weight: 4lbs 4ozs
Dimensions:  5” x 4” x 11”
Carry handle


50 Amp Switching Power Supply
50 amps continuous (55A max)
50 amps available at ALL DC output voltages
Adjustable voltage: 5-15V
Dual purpose Amp/Voltage meter
Protection:  Cut-off at 56 Amps
Automatic cooling fan
Voltage fluctuation:  Less than 1.5%
Ripple voltage:  Less than 5mV
Conversion ratio:  84% at 35 Amps
Power consumption:  920W
Dimensions:  9"w x 5"h x 12.5"d (approx)
Weight:  8lbs 4ozs
Binding posts on back panel, lighter socket and spring connectors on front panel. Carry handle and rubber cushions around the front and rear panels for portability