Emergency Communication Equipment

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TELEX Radio Dispatch and Signaling Equpment


The Nexus IP Console Position is a complete communications solution.

The Console Position delivers everything you are looking for in dispatch communications—stability, performance and world class dispatch capabilities. The IP platform makes it simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to use for all dispatch applications

The Console Position takes the robust performance of C-Soft, our best-selling software-based dispatch console, and puts it on a tested, stable and reliable dispatch PC. Add your choice of monitors--17-inch or 19-inch, touch-screen or standard, and headset adapter with the brand new Telex DH-2000 dispatch headset, and you have a complete dispatch solution, ready for deployment in any setting.

Why the Console Position?

Dependability and performance: We’ve built the Console Position around a world class desktop platform. This isn’t just another PC. We’ve selected a custom manufactured CPU from Kolar Industrial Solutions Group. Kolar has been in business for nearly 60 years and provides the highest quality industrial and specialty computer control devices to commercial, military and industrial markets around the world. Kolar computers have been selected for use in defense operations, medical testing and research applications and precision industrial processes.

Service and support: By standardizing around a single Console Position platform, we have been able to optimize both the operating system and the dispatch software for maximum stability and performance. And by removing the variables associated with software installation on an end-user provided PC, we are able to deliver a total solution that is significantly enhanced, and much easier to support.

Our technical service specialists have the same device in front of them as the end user, making troubleshooting more targeted, effective and less time consuming.

Flexibility and scalability: The Console Position can be ordered in configurations from 2 to 200 lines, so it is our most capable and highest capacity dispatch solution. In addition, the user interface is completely customizable. That means you control the layout of buttons on the screen, the size, shape, color and even the labeling. Change the background color, create simple or advanced dispatch interfaces – the options are nearly limitless with the Dispatch Position. You can even store multiple dispatch configurations on a single station for different applications or usage scenarios.

Standard Console Position:
  • Dispatch PC
  • Choice of 2 to 200 line console software
  • 17-inch LCD monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • HB-3+ headset adapter
  • DH-2000 single sided dispatch headset
  • Desktop speakers
Available Options:
  • 19-inch LCD monitor
  • 17-inch screen monitor
  • 19-inch touch-screen monitor
  • Dual-monitor configuration in both 17-inch or 19-inch LCD or touch screen
  • 21 different computer language options (operating system and documentation only)
  • DH2200 dual-sided dispatch headset
  • Omni-directional desktop microphone
  • Footswitch
  • 6513C desktop microphone

For more information on Telex Dispatch and Signaling equipment please e-mail us at radcommsystem54@gmail.com


Available in configurations from 2 to 200 lines, C-Soft is the perfect application for any dispatch environment. When running on computer systems that meet our published minimum specifications, C-Soft delivers all of the dispatch capabilities that you expect while also giving you the flexibility that only an IP-based software console can provide – simple and quick deployment in the field, easy back-up of communications assets, and the ability to save multiple configurations on a single computer.

Available Configurations:
• C-Soft is available in configurations from 2 to 200 lines.
User Interface:
• User controlled configurations for any dispatch application.
Signaling Capabilities:
• MDC1200 encode and decode, FleetSync encode and decode, DTMF, Serial and OTA FleetSync, NexEdge, 5/6 tone - supports emergency, group, individual, and status calls.
Instant Recall Recorder:
• Tracks the last ten minutes of both select and unselect speaker audio.
• Buttons can be set-up to start playback at various points in the buffer
or played call by call from the call buffer.
Information Windows:
• Per line Call History, Active Emergency, Emergency History, Manual
Call List, Status Windows.
Intercom Capabilities:
• Intercom communications between dispatch positions can be set up
on all consoles on the system.
DTMF Keys:
• A full, 16-key keyboard is supported.
• Multiple paging formats are built into the C-Soft console software.
• Quickcall II in both the 100 and 1,000 group formats, as well as DTMF,
Knox Paging tone and 5/6 tone paging.
• A manual frequency entry mode is also supported.
Alert Tones:
• Three alert-tone types are supported, including steady tone, pulsed
tone, and high low warble.
• All frequencies and durations are programmable.
Programmed Group & Mute Buttons:
• For both group and mute functions, lines can be selectively included
within these programmed buttons, allowing for instant access to
particular lines of interest.
• Up to 30 simultaneous crosspatch groups are supported.
Status Indicators:
• 24-hour clock, VU Meter, PTT Indication and Instant Recall Playback
progress are displayed on the upper status bar.
Flexible Audio Interface Options:
• Using the Telex HB-3 Plus, C-Soft can interface with all common
dispatch communication audio sources, including headsets, desktop
microphones, external speakers and footswitches.
SIP Telephony:
• Crosspatch, DTMF hold, call history, phone directory, stun and
proxy server.
• Provides audio adjustment with silence detection and jitter
• Able to specify IP interface for SIP connections.
• Per line configuration for each SIP account. SIP is only available
with 24 lines of C-Soft dongle or above.
Multiple Vocoders:
• Per Line Vocoder Type - Ability to select lower bandwidth Vocoder.
Special Interfaces:
• iDEN, TETRA, P25, Phone/PSTN