Emergency Communication Equipment

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Portable Emergency Repeaters

Super-Rugged rapid deployment system, go anywhere, VHF/UHF repeater or link system.

When Police, Fire, and Medical personal loose communication via the radio things can turn bad very fast. With a back up repeater it can be up and running within minutes not hours. A back up system for small and medium sizes townships you need mission critical information to serve and protect people and property. This repeater can fit many different needs that can be used in the field or at a fixed location.

Our portable repeater systems are built in the VHF and UHF band. The units are installed in a pelican case that is water resistant. This case does have handles and wheels so it can be moved with little effort. Weight of the unit without the battery is about 26 Lbs. Each unit is built up to run on ac and dc power with a charging system for a battery when running on ac current. A 30 amp continues duty power supply is used to provide current to power the unit. If ac power is lost the unit will convert to dc current and run from a battery source. Key up time on the battery is dependent on the amp hour rating of the battery plugged into the unit and the power output of the transmitter.

Icom mobile radios are used in the unit because they meet mil spec 810 C, D, E, and F specification and have a power output that can be regulated from 5 to 50 watts of power. A controller is installed with the radios so the repeater can be turn on or off with a remote control DTMF tone. The controller also will alert you when you are running on battery power only. This controller can also be used to record messages (vital information) that will play pack on a per key up rate.

Our portable repeaters are built up to meet the needs of our customers and the price of the unit is dependent on what needs you have. Most systems cost are around the two thousand dollar range. For more information and cost please call us at 1-800-588-2426 or 806-792-3669.